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My Dear Visitors You are Welcome to this site. I am so Grateful to God that I have been able to start this website after years of practicising Homeopathic.
My friends India is blessed to be a country of diversity. Even though the population of India is so huge but there are many medicinal systems allowed by our honorable Govt. of India to be practiced to serve the people of our nation. Homeopathic is an important medicinal system practiced by the Homeopaths.

This site is wholly dedicated to Homeopathic. Many people are unaware of Practice of Homeopathic. There are many prevalent myths regarding the Homeopathic medicines. Our Job is to create awareness among the masses and remove all misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding the Homeopathic systems. This site is not to degrade any practice of medicinal systems or to compete with other homeopath’s. It is only to promote the Homeopathic system. The whole purpose is to implant the basic knowledge of Homeopathic that as people are aware of the home remedies available for various ailments so people should keep Homeopathic medicines in every house and use them for various ailments or diseases or injuries.

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Fever & General

Fever is a rise of body temperature above normal i.e. 98.6F (37C). Fever itself is not a disease, but a manifestation of some internal..

Women Related Problems

Being a women means that she is different and unique being who has to carry lot of responsibility on her shoulders…

Digestive Problem

Out of the many Organ systems in human body, digestive system plays an important role in providing the proper nourishment and development..


Children are the essence of any family. From the time the mother conceives i.e. when she becomes pregnant; the care to be taken of the mother….

Skin & Hair Problem

Among the various health related issues skin care industry has grown to be one of the most substantial in demand areas of public concern..

Respiratory Diseases

Human beings are composed of various tissues and organ systems. Every organ and organ system plays a vital role in survival of human beings..

Life Style Diseases

As the name suggests that Lifestyle disease is associated with a person’s life style or how he/she lives. It can be in an individual’s life..

Joint & Muscle Problem

Body is composed of human skeletal system. There are basically 206 bones and 500 muscles in human body and many bones ..

Renal & Kidney

Kidneys are vital bean shaped organs, located on the left and right hand side of the body in vertebrates. Kidneys receive blood from paired..

Chronic Problem

A chronic condition is a human health condition or disease or ailment that is persistent or otherwise long-lasting or has a long patient history..

Liver Problem

The liver is the largest gland in the body situated below the diaphragm, on the right side of the abdomen and has many vital functions to perform..

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Yes. It is absolutely safe to continue medicines you are currently being prescribed. There is no harm in taking supplements or medications you are dependent on, during the course of the treatment. However, non-essential drugs may be weaned off or gradually discontinued as improvement sets in.

No. Though few critics would like to believe so, Homeopathic medicines definitely have the ability to cure by producing a curative effect. Please refer to  where majority of the cases are not functional derangements, they are reversed pathological or structural changes. The results and the duration in which they have been achieved can be attributed only to this curative effect.

Yes. However our success rate depends on the extent to which structural or pathological changes have taken place and the nature of the disease. Refer to  for in depth information about individual conditions.

Homeopathic is generally not recommended in cases where risk to life or the condition of the patient exists. Though you may take these medicines concomitantly with conventional medicines, you should avoid taking them at the cost of stopping essential life saving remedies. You should always consult your primary care physician before altering your treatment regimen.

Yes. A number of conditions mentioned in the  list are structural changes and can be easily reverted back to normalcy. However gross pathological changes in our experience can only be palliated and symptomatic relief offered.

After complete treatment ailments usually do not reoccur. However, certain difficult or stubborn cases like allergies, colds, IBS etc. or in other words conditions directly related to the environment, habits, hygiene, and mental well being could occasionally reoccur, however they generally do so with lesser frequency and intensity.

Majority of curable cases can be treated within 3 to 12 months, depending on the disease condition. It is practically impossible to predict a precise period as an individual’s response as well as the extent to which the condition has progressed varies significantly.

Not really, Homeopathically speaking. Occasionally patients may experience an initial increase in the intensity of their complaints, which actually is essential for complete recovery. However, this initial increase in intensity usually lasts only for a few hours to a couple of days, and is usually followed by recovery.

When treated strictly following Homeopathic principles suppression does not take place. However, this may not be true in case where irreversible structural changes have taken place and palliation (temporary relief) is the only way out.

Not necessarily. Prescriptions in Homeopathic are based on the peculiar signs and symptoms the patient suffers from. Your medical condition may be the same; however your symptoms could have changed over time, or more importantly perceived differently by the new physician. Besides, even if the same remedy is indicated your homeopath has the option of prescribing it in a different strength or potency.

Not necessarily. Two individuals having the same medical diagnosis may not necessarily have same or similar signs and symptoms. For e.g. two individuals may have the same medical diagnoses of pharangitis (sore throat). However, if one has a sensation of burning in the throat and the other has a sensation of rawness, different remedies may be indicated. Therefore Homeopathic is definitely individualistic. Please refer to 

Homeopaths in India having the degree LCEH or BHMS or MD undergo practically the same medical training as an MD would do in the US does. Their course includes 4 1/2 years of academic studies and 1 year of hospital internship. They are not only qualified Homeopaths; they may also be classified as General Family Physicians. The major difference is that the Pharmacology is purely Homeopathic. However, they are well acquainted with commonly prescribed allopathic medicines, the knowledge of which is essential, as it helps in differentiating peculiar symptoms from medicinal side-effects. Homeopathic curriculum other than that in India varies significantly. In the United States majority of the states require a physician to be an MD, only after which can he / she practice Homeopathic. A degree such as ND (Naturopathic Doctor) recognized in certain states in the USA, qualifies an individual to practice this science. Always clarify your doubts with the physician before initiating treatment.

Absolutely. Laboratory investigations help in diagnosing the condition and evaluating improvement. Diagnosing the condition helps in determining the prognosis (future). However, diagnosis does not help in determining the appropriate Homeopathic remedy and is done on the basis of the individualistic signs and symptoms.