Children are the essence of any family. From the time the mother conceives i.e. when she becomes pregnant; the care to be taken of the mother is enormous, since she carries two lives. One of herself and the other of the fetus, which later develops and goes through various stages and finally after ninths months is delivered as a new born baby.The neonatal stage, the post natal and then the infant stage matters a lot for the future growth of a healthy baby.

Then he/she enters the puberty stage (teenager)and finally matures into an adult. During the young age and various stages of his development the kind of nourishment and diet would decide his/her future. The foundation has to be strong to build a strong future. Even the diet of mother and her immunity plays an important role for the child.

A growing kid needs basic nourishment and a healthy diet. Health not only includes physical health but also mental, social , spiritual aspect as well. Even the growth of vital organs like Brain and liver depends upon the intake of healthy diet during childhood. Complementary food too plays a vital part for children.

If for some reason a child is not able to take proper diet during childhood he/she can develop various diseases like Kwashiorkar, Marasmus, hormonal misbalance,Autism,down’s syndrome, hepatitis, Steven Johnson’s syndrome, Calcium deficiency, teeth and gum problems ,rheumatic fever,vomiting,lactose intolerance(inability to digest milk),recurrent bone fractures etc (are some of the problems encountered).

Even while playing or doing other activities a child can get injured out of which few can manifest symptoms later in life(like convulsions) Once the disease is inhabited by the children,it can even be there for life long.

There are many supplements available for the Good health of children, but to treat certain diseases medicinal intervention has to be there. Homeopathy is a good remedy for many such ailments and proven results have been noticed over the years by the use of Homeopathy.

Few of the commonly recommended homeopathic medicines are:-

  • Arnica
  • Aconite
  • Ammonium Carbonate
  • Aethusa
  • Belladona
  • Borax
  • Calcarea Carb
  • Baryta Carb