As the name suggests that Lifestyle disease is associated with a person’s life style or how he/she lives. It can be in an individual’s life or a community or group of people. These days with fast growing world, even the food and the eating habits of the people have changed.Especially among the youth the fast foods like Chinese, burgers, cold drinks, juices, non-vegetarian items and other processed foods have been on the rise. With the change in eating habits the rise of life style diseases has been on an all time high.Diseases like blood pressure,diabetes,cancer,atherosclerosis(heart diseases),obesity,stroke etc has increased substantially. As they say Prevention is better than cure.

These lifestyle diseases can be averted if Precautions are taken beforehand but once the disease develops then it becomes very difficult to reverse these kinds of diseases.As they are often chronic and need change of food habits(more of a planned dietary allowances), regular exercise, continuous medication becomes a part of daily routine.According to a recent survey it was found out that India would be having around 50 crore plus people with diabetes in the coming 3-4 years as the symptoms of being pre-diabetic are already prevalent without the fore-knowledge of people.

There are various remedies that people turn to when they try to reverse or control the spread of diseases. Homeopathy too offers its services to the people suffering from life style ailments. Out of many medicines few of them are listed below:-

  • Syzygium
  • Rauwolfia
  • Prategus