Out of the many Organ systems in human body, digestive system plays an important role in providing the proper nourishment and development of human organ system and body.

Digestion is a very sensitive process. A normal human being intakes lot of different eatables i.e. solid,semi-solid or liquid diet.Not everything that a human body intakes has beneficial effects.

Just the temptation of the taste can lead to many such unhealthy foods even though its taste seems to be great for tongue. Healthy Food does consists of carbohydrates, proteins , fats, minerals, fibers.

But with increasing fast food and processed items around the world, the intake can produce harmful results too. Digestion of certain foods like carbohydrates starts from the mouth itself. There are enzymes present in various body parts to effectively digest the different foods in the body. So a digestive system comprises of mouth(tongue,salivary glands),esophagus, trachea,liver,stomach,gall bladder,intestines(small and large).

When we intake any food,the body does not digest food as it is, but it breaks it down into smaller particles(molecules)to gain nourishment from the nutrients.The nourishment is basically provided to the cells along with the energy so as to build the tissues,organs,organ systems and in turn the whole body.So much depends upon the digestion,but if there occurs any problem in any of the many organs relating to it or any toxic substance enters the body,the whole digestive system can be effected.

Many problems have now become common because of faulty digestive system.Problems like acidity,Crohn’s disease,Gall stones,kidney stones,jaundice,diverticulitis,hepatitis,diabetes,ulcerative colitis,Irritable bowel syndrome, gastric formation,vomiting,dysentery,diarrhoea are some of the many diseases that are prevalent in society today.

People have been using home remedies with temporary relief,but when the problem becomes chronic they tend to be habitual of taking medicines. Homeopathic has proved its Impact on some of the diseases in their prevention as well as treatment.Here are few out of the many recommended Homeopathic medicines:-
Arsenic album,Nux Vomica,Pulsatilla,Robinia,Lycopodium,Natrum Phos,China