22 May 2018 Liver Problem 1

Liver is a lobed glandular organ in the abdomen of vertebrates, involved in many metabolic processes.

A normal balanced diet is composed of all basic nutrients like carbohydrates,fats,proteins,fibres etc.The Liver function plays a vital role in food digestion and also healthy growth of an individual.Carbohydrates and fats digestion are linked to liver.The liver directly deals with the digestion of foods containing sweets,dairy products like milk,cheese,curd ,non-vegetarian items like chicken and meat.

Besides the above liver has other functions like storing glycogen,decomposition of red blood cells, plasma protein synthesis, harmone production and detoxification.

Even the important hepatic portal duct is directly related to the liver.Liver cells like hepatocytes play a major role in various biochemical reactions.

The unique ability of liver is to regenerate.But there are certain food that damage this sensitive organ.

High consumption of alcohol,sugar and meat can affect the normal functioning of liver.There are various diseases associated with the liver like hepatitis,jaundice,fatty liver,cystitic disease of the liver,biliary atresia, Hemochromatosis,Liver cancer etc.

Homeopathic has really put a deep impact on the treatment of liver disorders.

Some of the commonly prescribed medicines are:-
Bryonia,Mercurius,Podophyllum,Chelidonium,Myrica,Cardus marinus,Nux Vomica

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